Quake Video Maker


Ever wanted to create your own Movie from Quake screenshots?

    Here is Quake Video Maker. A simple tool to create AVI files with both video and audio.
    • Import TGA, JPEG, BMP and PNG sequences into scenes
    • Import AVI movies
    • Import RoQ (IdSoftware video format)
    • Import GIF animations
    • Import RoQ movies
    • Export to AVI using available video codecs on your PC
    • Export to RoQ to create ingame videos.
    • Organize your scenes
    • Make scenes transitions
    • Special effects (PIP, Overlay, Luma, Monochomatic, ...)
    • Add your favourite MP3 or WAV file as the movie soundtrack
    • Include image sequences generated by Flash (or other tools) to create title scenes
Wanna see what kind of movie you can create?
Recommended: get the latest DivX codecs.
A wow frags movie (own-age contest). By Bun

The RunFic (22mb)
PIP demo and credits scene demo. By Swift

FX Demo (4mb)
cos1_beta7a by ForM using QVM special effects

ForM takes Flight (104mb)
Pro Tricks By ForM

QVM Promo1 (29Mb) Humble tricks and PCD By Swift
QVM Promo2 (35Mb) Pro Tricks By YaNn
QVM Promo3 (23Mb) Amazing tricks By IpsI

Download and links
Video Codecs
Here is a short list of useful and tested codecs on QVM. Any FourCC codec should work just fine. If not, just tell me.
For further informations, comments, bugs please mail at qvm@swift-tools.net


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