Version 1.4.1 is out!!!

Version 1.4 is out!!!
It includes a RoQ compiler to create ingame videos.

Thanks to RogeR at, QVM 1.3 is now mirrored there.
See download section.

Version 1.3 released

  • New special effect: Luma correction
  • Animated overlay: now supports any formats.
    Operations can be used for image combination (Add, Substract and Multiply)
    so transparent images are not mandatory anymore for this effect.
    Successfully tested with AVI from JASC Animation.
  • New formats: GIF, RoQ (IdSoftware video format of ingame videos)

Version 1.2 released
  • New special effect: PIP (Picture In Picture)
  • Animated overlay (now part of special effects)
  • Improved interface
  • Bug fixes: color problems, file browser problems.

Version 1.1.1 released
  • Bug fixes:
    • Spin controls behaved in reverse order (frame rate and duplication factor).
    • Scene preview corrupted when importing images bigger than 640x480

Version 1.1 released
  • Now QVM offers Special FX.
  • Effects:
    • Motion Blur
    • Monochromatic
  • See this small movie made by Form that illustrates them.

Version 1.0.3 released
  • Slight update, this version is stable.
  • Fixes:
    • JPEG import issue
    • output filename extension checking.

Ooops!!! I did it again.
  • Version 1.0.2 is here and this time should be rocksolid.
  • Fix: could not import AVI anymore.

  • Here is Version 1.0.1 that fixes a stupid overlay bug.
  • Good lesson for me, just after going gold, hmm.

QVM goes gold.
  • Well QVM deserves to go gold for now, according to ForM :)

Beta 8 is out!!!
  • Now QVM supports any source size, no 640x480 limitation anymore.
  • Crash when exiting should be fixed.

Really nice movie made by ForM with QVM.
Check it out.

    Beta7 released.
    This release is for bug fixes:
    • QVM did not work at all on Windows 2000 and XP. Users could not generate AVI file.
    • Crash during sound generation if Loop option was on and Truncate option was off.
    Beta6 released!
    Great new features:
    • Now supports AVI import
    • Multiple sound files
    Documentation updated with nice overlay feature examples.
    Beta5 released!
    A quick release with:
    • JPEG support

    It happens that QVM is also very useful for other games that use same kind of 3D engine.
    Does it mean that I'll have to rename the tool? Maybe :)

    Sorry for bouncing mail to Swift-Tools domain, fixed now.

    Beta4 released!
    • Improved interface
    • New transition effects.
    • Global preview
    • Overlay (still image with transparency)
    • Hide/show scene
    • Slider for sequence preview
    • Help in HTML format
    • ...
    Beta3 released! Fixes: some TGA were imported upside down. Improvements: new transition effects.
    Beta2 released! See download section below. Please really consider it as a beta (still work to do), so any feedback will be appreciated.