What is it ?

Swift-Generator is a Dynamic Flash Content generator. It aims at dynamically replacing texts, fonts, sounds, images and movie clips in either a Template file or a standard Flash file. It can also dynamically change action parameters in either frames or buttons.
This allows Webmasters to create dynamic content such as stock-exchange values, sport scoring, weather values, news tickers and the like. Swift-Generator only requires an authoring tool like Macromedia® Flash 4 or 5. Once a Flash file is created, Swift-Generator is able to handle it.


Here are compressed documentation files (zipped .pdf):
English 250 Kb
Français 258 Kb

This documentation is a user's manual in which details and examples are given to use Swift-Generator.


Operating System Binary Version Size DBMS drivers Comments
Linux x86 Gzip'd Binary 0.20.5 200Kb MySQL MySQL installation required on target system
Linux x86 static Gzip'd Binary 0.20.5 347Kb MySQL System libraries independent version
Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP) Zip'd Binary 0.20.5a 175Kb ODBC DLLs required on Win95
WinZip is able to handle tgz files. See FAQ for troubles.


Third party resources

  • UltimateArcade
  • An excellent and complete Flash Card example by MrCool. Example here and all the sources for PC and Mac.
  • Swift-Generator Tutorial in German by Stephan Fischer.
  • ActionScript site in dutch where you can find tutorials on SGUI.
  • Wrappers
  • For Zope: ZSwGenerator
  • Books
  • By PSWoods: Macromeda Flash 5 Developper's Guide. There is a dedicated chapter to Swift-Generator.
  • By Peter (Peerless) Brouwers: Macromedia Flash MX & Actionscripting (Addison-Wesley). There is a dedicated chapter to Swift-Generator.

  • Feedback

    For bug reports, inquiries send mail to Generator Team. If you have special needs, new ideas, feel free to drop a line.